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Stop by the Music Festival office in the Sunriver Village Mall (Building 13) to check out our assortment of merchandise and gifts. We have specially-selected wines from favorite Oregon wineries, wine glasses, coffee mugs, CDs of our concerts and soloists, notecards, and posters.

Each year, local artists are invited to submit a piece of artwork for the annual festival poster. We have framed and unframed prints of several years’ posters available at the office for purchase – Stop by and peruse the gallery on our walls going all the way back to the debut 1978 season to see which fit best in your decor!

Call 541-593-1084 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to purchase posters.

Following is about the artwork selected for 2017 - our 40th Anniversary Season.

Sharon Engel - "Summer Meadow, Sunriver"

2017 poster

Sharon Engel's original painting “Summer Meadow, Sunriver” has been selected as the Sunriver Music Festival’s poster artwork for 2017. Each year, the Festival selects a Central Oregon artist to create the artwork for the annual festival poster. Local artists were invited to submit a piece for consideration and a committee of art enthusiasts selected Sharon's artwork.

Sharon Engel's original artwork was framed by Eastlake Framing and is currently on display at the Sunriver Music Festival office. The artwork will be a featured auction item at the Festival’s annual fundraiser, Festival Faire, on Sunday, July 16 at the Sunriver Resort Great Hall. Festival Faire includes an evening of elegant dining and a lively auction with music provided by a select group of talented 2016 Young Artists Scholarship winners.

Over 300 posters featuring Engel's "Summer Meadow, Sunriver" artwork will be distributed for display in businesses in Sunriver, Bend, Sisters, and Redmond. Posters are also available to purchase at the Sunriver Music Festival office in The Village at Sunriver and at various businesses and galleries in Sunriver and Bend.

Sharon Engel's Artist Statement:
I am so fascinated with the ever-present idea of constant discovery when I go out in the field to paint. The light and, of course, color are never the same. Always changing, always a challenge to paint. My love of gardens and flowers has always been a wonder to me, peaceful and satisfying to paint.

Like most artists, I have explored many subjects and when we moved to Sunriver in 1991 a whole different challenge began. My husband Keith and I have always hiked and camped with our kids through the years but hauling art supplies with me then wasn't an option. We also started traveling to different places in the world and my sister and I travel somewhere abroad every year.

I had done plein air painting all over the Willamette Valley and Oregon and taught others to do it too for 18 years. My husband has always been encouraging and patient on our trips and encouraged me to go on "painting trips" with artist friends. I've been sunburned, bug bit, scraped up from hiking back country, deserts, and canyons. On ships, bicycles, trains, and wild taxi rides. Where I go, my paint box goes too. Keith asked me once if I ever thought about a trip without paints. I would miss so much—when you paint you don't just paint a scene, you see, smell, hear everything around and over it. It all connects to give me that "wow" moment. I have always painted and now after more than 40 years of painting professionally my paintings are a travel log of my life. I still get that "tingle" of excitement and anticipation every time I set up my paint box! I hope you enjoy traveling my world with me.

Sunriver Music Festival posters are available for $12 ($18 shipped). Framed posters are $65.
Notecards are $12 for a pack of ten and available at the Sunriver Music Festival office.


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